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Descended from an illustrious dynasty, Zaro uses his position to indulge in all of the finest pleasures the world has to offer. From VIP seats, to sporting events, to the fanciest tables at elite restaurants, Zaro never flinches at the thought of spending his wealth... or at least he didn't until he discovered his royal coffers had been tapped!

Now left to his own devices, Zaro can out-lance anyone who dares challenge him. He attacks his rivals much like he spends his money—quickly and with minimal forethought. Though deprived of his wealth, Zaro can still be a useful asset to have in your back pocket.

– Game Description


All Ultimate skills cost 600 SP to use. Ultimate skill cooldowns are 18.0 seconds while attack skill cooldowns are 8.0 seconds.

IconSkill NameEffect
ZaroUlt Strident Blade 311% Melee Damage
Target's EVA -5% (6 sec.)
346% Melee Damage
Target's EVA -6% (6 sec.)
381% Melee Damage
Target's EVA -7% (6 sec.)
416% Melee Damage
Target's EVA -8%
Target's CRIT DMG -36% (6 sec.)
ZaroAtk Astral Burst 228% Melee Damage
Target's CRIT DMG taken +10% (4 sec.)



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