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Samuel is the most experienced Senshi in the imperial cavalry. He's unfaltering in his duty to marshal the palace guards, and is the last line of defense for the royal family. Samuel's outward appearance may be proud and stoic, but his feelings towards Queen Marisa most closely resemble those of a lovesick kitty.

He wields a mighty hammer that was bequeathed to him by the queen herself. Under an oath of allegiance to her, Samuel vowed to protect her life with his own, no matter the cost.

– Game Description


All Ultimate skills cost 600 SP to use. Ultimate skill cooldowns are 18.0 seconds while attack skill cooldowns are 8.0 seconds.

IconSkill NameEffect
SamuelUlt Specter of War 323% Melee Damage
Enemy's Haste -5% (6 sec.)
358% Melee Damage
Enemy's Haste -6% (6 sec.)
393% Melee Damage
Enemy's Haste -7% (6 sec.)
428% Melee Damage
Enemy's Haste -8% (6 sec.)
Enemy's CRIT -18% (6 sec.)
SamuelAtk Savage Smash 248% Melee Damage


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