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  • I have drafted the community policies and would like input. Please see Thread:4717.

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  • Why delete the hidden quests wiki page?

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  • Do you think a Discord channel is a good idea for the wiki? It's much more convenient than the wiki chat, and it also allows you to store messages like a to-do list, so yeah. Probably much better than using my sandbox lol.

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  • Do you have any other icons that can go for the front page?

    I've been meaning to ask this for a while so I could actually add more to the navigation alongside the Location/Senshi/etc. navigation. Particularly, I'm looking for icons relating to: quests, profession, items, and npc.

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  • I wanted to make something special so I added a Halloween-themed slider on the front page. I didn't really know what to write so I decided to just promote the current Halloween events plus link to the source.

    Tell me what you think!

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    • That forum post has so many nice Halloween backgrounds T_T

      I should have looked around more (and be less lazy)

      Anyways, the Halloween slider will be kept until November 6 when those events end. A wiki background featuring Koharu should be coming when I get around to it, soon.

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  • I found a item in game that I can't seem to find on the wiki, I grabbed a few SS's but I don't really know how to add a wiki page, It dropped as a stack of 3, and takes 300 to craft 

    Bosses full name is Wynken, Blynken, and Nod with the Title Terrible Trio

    Snapshot 20160912 132646

    The Item

    Snapshot 20160912 132414

    The boss that dropped it, Spawned after killing Leo in Oblivion Solo

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  • How do you get the item icons? I was about to create some mount pages but realized I had no idea how to get them.

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    • OK, so this method is actually a bit shady, considering that they are packaged so we aren't able to view the .pkg files, but there is a program that un-packages and extracts the contents of the .pkg files, which is where the images come from. You can Google search how to do so (likely more results under AK's name). You're bound to come across some unscrupulous and illegal search results...

      Images are rarely organized in proper order, so you will need to use the of the database folder's .ini files as a "directory"

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    • Welp. Being a not-so-technical person, I don't think I can do that. And I can't seem to get them from TSDB either...

      I guess I have to create pages without them and let you know which one's missing through the broken link category.

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  • Our wiki navigation needs some work. I've laid out an outline for now, still missing some crucial things, but we may be able to add it in once the game is fully released. Project pages such as policies still need to be created and I can outline a foundation.

    *Twin Saga
    ***Flying Fish Harbor
    ***Category:Main quests|Main quests
    ***Category:Side quests|Side quests
    **Project:About|About us
    ***Project:Community policies
    ***Project:Manual of style|Manual of style
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  • Okay, so for a month now, I've had a custom cursor used on this wiki in my personal css. I kind of enjoyed it, but felt that sharing it wiki-wide might make some users feel uncertain about it.

    But anyways, if you wish to add custom cursors to this wiki, feel free to add this piece of CSS just above the Wiki Background CSS on MediaWiki:Wikia.css.

    /* -----------------------
    ----------------------- */
    body { cursor:url(, pointer;
    a:link { cursor:url(, pointer;
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  • Do you happen to have the emoticons and their names/usage (ie: :-) or smiley)?

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    • In-game emoticons can be found here

      Unfortunately, they aren't listed in order, so here are the emoticons in the game order...

      :3 type of smile: ":)"

      Mouth-open smile: "XD"

      Fight (heart eyes): "(fight)

      Tease face: ":P"

      Tall mouth shock: ":O"

      Sob w/ small drops: ":'("

      Shock w/ open mouth: "(unsure)"

      Angry: "(angry)"

      Relaxed: ":$"

      Wide-eye stare: ":("

      Sob w/ streams of tears: "(cry)"

      Kiss: "(kiss)"

      Heart and broken heart are "(heart)" and "(brokenheart)"

      Water drop on the head: ":&"

      Speechless: ":X"

      Sleep: "(sleep)"

      Evil: "(evil)"

      Angel: "(nosebleed)"

      Thumbs up: "(goodjob)"

      Some of them don't make sense, especially the nosebleed one. Hope I understood your question corectly~

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    • Oh cool. I didn't notice that in the forums. Thanks! That was all I needed.

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