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A utopian sprawl on the outskirts of Arcadia, seemingly be enveloped by a mysterious force.

–Official Description

Maplewood Glen is a location in the Eastern Forest of the Meridian continent. It is suitable for levels 40 to 43.

Places of InterestEdit

Arcadian Legion GampEdit

The Arcadian Legion Camp is a town and is the primary settlement of Maplewood Glen. It is located in the northeastern part of Maplewood Glen, close to the portal with Meridia.

Cobblestone CascadesEdit

Cobblestone Cascades is an area of Bluemoon Grove south of the Arcadian Legion Camp. It houses spectacular waterfalls.

Cremini ChaletsEdit

Zangar CampEdit

The Zangar Camp is a region in the northwest area of Maplewood Glen. The aggressive Zangar tribe makes their home here.

Highland CavesEdit

Maplewood CemetaryEdit


Name Coordinates
Listarrow Grocer Jolie (X: 540, Y: 610)
Listarrow Weapon Merchant Clark (X: 505, Y: 593)
Listarrow Armor Merchant Aldair (X: 505, Y: 588)
Listarrow Bank Teller Glubb (X: 504, Y: 625)
Listarrow Furval Rapid Service Conductor (X: 563, Y: 587)
Listarrow Bounty Manager Erren (X: 528, Y: 545)
Listarrow Traveling Merchant (X: 269, Y: 420)
Listarrow Bounty Agent Dipplo (X: 543, Y: 624)
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Southern Prairie Arcadia – Raywing Harbor – Woolruft Plains – Vitreus Mines
Eastern Forest Bluemoon Grove – Maplewood Glen
Central Desert Arrakin Desert
Western Rainforest Jungle Mortalis
Northern Barrens Lost Metropolis – Cosmic Coast – Waking Wetlands
Sanctopolis Prismatica – Constellacia

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