Cidharth leads you on your very first Astral Adventure! There, you meet the plucky Clarabelle, match-selling moppet extraordinaire, and become familiar with the in's and out's of these charming celestial crusades.

Story branchesEdit

Lv1. My First Astral Adventure
What happens next? You'll have to click the question mark to find out!

• How can I help?

Lv1. Hands Off!
Seems Clarabelle's gone to sell her matches elsewhere. Follow her and see what happens!

• Teach the old man a lesson!

Lv1. Patience is a Virtue
Will Clarabelle's wish come true?

• Uh... I'd like to buy some matches...

Lv1. Prepare for Trouble, and Make it a Puzzle
Catch up with Clarabelle and make sure she's alright
Rewards for first completion:

• Level Dependent Quest EXP * 10
• 20 Icon-LP


  • Level Dependent Quest EXP * 10
  • 20 Icon-LP