Cold, proud Lenna is the ruler of the ice world. As an empress, Lenna is confident and resolute, but confidence and resolution are hardly her most powerful weapon - her raw aptitude to sweep everyone off their feet is.

Born with the power of ice and snow, Lenna wraps frost and hailstorm around her finger - she can freeze her foes before they know what hit them. Tremble before Lenna!


Skill Cooldown SP Cost Effect
Icon-Winter is Coming Winter is Coming 18.0s 600
  • 359% Elemental Damage
  • Haste +8% (6 sec.)
  • 375% Elemental Damage
  • Haste +9% (6 sec.)
  • 406% Elemental Damage
  • Haste +10% (6 sec.)
  • 436% Elemental Damage
  • Haste +11%
  • Damage Dealt +12% (6 sec.)
Icon-Diamond Dust Diamond Dust 8.0s -
  • 228% Elemental Damage
  • Target's received CRIT DMG +10% (4 sec.)



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