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Gaia is best known for her unrivaled gumption... and her motherly intuition. A beloved general rumored to be next in line to lead the imperial cavalry, her mere presence is enough to raise morale (and even some eyebrows).

With her trusty sword and shield at hand, she's always prepared for battle, but it must be said that her strongest weapon is, in fact, her heart.

– Game Description


All Ultimate skills cost 600 SP to use. Ultimate skill cooldowns are 18.0 seconds while attack skill cooldowns are 8.0 seconds.

IconSkill NameEffect
GaiaUlt Shield of Valor 345% Melee Damage
DMG taken -5% (6 sec.)
378% Melee Damage
DMG taken -6% (6 sec.)
411% Melee Damage
DMG taken -7% (6 sec.)
444% Melee Damage
DMG taken -8% (6 sec.)
Player's Received Damage -18% (6 sec.)
GaiaAtk Thor's Justice Target's ACC -5% (4 sec.)




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