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Duo is one of the worst students in the astral academy. Strike that—he IS the worst student in the astral academy. BUT! Give him a gun and he's nigh unstoppable. Why "nigh?" Because one thing for sure CAN stop him—his outrageous, insatiable crush on Rita! What a goofball!

With deadly accuracy to go along with his lightning-quick reflexes, Duo is a natural marksman. Though his youth and lack of experience may color him a pushover, this brat can be a difficult foe to counter.

– Game Description


All Ultimate skills cost 600 SP to use. Ultimate skill cooldowns are 18.0 seconds while attack skill cooldowns are 8.0 seconds.

IconSkill NameEffect
DuoUlt Bullet Barrage 329% Ranged Damage
Player's Haste +6% (6 sec.)
362% Ranged Damage
Player's Haste +7% (6 sec.)
395% Ranged Damage
Player's Haste +8% (6 sec.)
428% Ranged Damage
Player's Haste +9%
CRIT Rate +12% (6 sec.)
DuoAtk Crackshot 247% Ranged Damage
Target's Ranged Res -6%


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