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This article covers content unreleased in the western servers! Consequently, items on this page have been player-translated. The official naming of each item is up to the discretion of the publisher, and is subject to change in the near future.
Icon Name
Icon-Stern <Windstorm Helmsman> Stern
Icon-Lavi <Airspace Bombarder> Lavi
Icon-Gogo <Energetic Baby> Gogo
Icon-Emilia <Heart of the Sea> Emilia
Icon-Shirley <Tea Princess> Shirley
Icon-Yuuki <Golden Shimmer> Yuuki
Icon-Michelle <White Enchantress> Michelle
Icon-Norn <Goddess of Fates> Norn
Icon-Melody <Shining Superstar> Melody
File:Icon-Althea.png <Seven Seas Sickler> Althea
File:Icon-Yui.png <Spirit of Snow> Yui
File:Icon-Yamimaru.png <Snake Charmer> Yamimaru