A profession is a side-activity that can boost the stats of a character when completing various tasks. Professions come in six different activities: gathering, fishing, farming, crafting, alchemy, and cooking. Some professions can be performed within the Terracottage, while others are performed in the world field.[1]


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Gathering minerals

You want to cook a fine meal, but only have some scaly booty from your last fishing trip? Head into the garden and gather some fruit! More interested in being a dwarf and digging holes? In that case, mining is the job for you! Just imagine all the fine ores and minerals you can wrench out of the earth. Just don't dig too deep...
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The gathering profession is a collective activity in which materials such as minerals and crops are gathered for other professional use.


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The fishing icon

If you haven't seen your friends for some time, they may have gone fishing. Sometimes it's nice to relax and drop a line in the water. Are they biting today? Let's find out. You'll get ingredients needed for cooking and much more!

Fishing allows gathering of aquatic creatures that can be used for cooking purposes. Rare treasures can also be collected.


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Farming 1


Discover your green thumb in your very own greenhouse. Grow the plants you need, fertilize them, and take pride in your efforts as you become an accomplished farmer. Get veggies and other ingredients for your next super feast!

Farming allows planting and caring for plants for gathering ingredients for cooking.


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A famous composer once said, "Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind." Take your time and learn to craft beautiful outfits, powerful weapons, and mysterious enchantment cards.

Crafting can create and upgrade gear and outfits that can boost a character's strength.


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Alchemy 1


Well, you won't be able to create the Philosopher's Stone here, but you CAN craft Starstones from shards and mix up some useful potions.

Alchemy allows the creation of potions and the fusion of Starstone shards to create Starstones.


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Being a good cook always comes in handy. With tasty rations, you'll be prepared for long and exhausting adventures—and with a full belly, you can also make bigger efforts to collect the ingredients you need. Cook up some good food and get exceptional stat bonuses for your epic journey!

Cooking allows all the ingredients gathered from the gathering and fishing profession to be cooked into different types of foods and drinks. This allows the creation of food for stat bonuses.


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