All the mystical flora that can be cultivated in the Greenhouse.

Icon Name Seed Cost Growth Time Crafting Component of...
Item-CottonCotton150Icon-Silver1 hour 20 minutesItem-Cotton Cloth Cotton Cloth
Item-FlaxFlax150Icon-Silver1 hour 20 minutesItem-Linen Linen
Item-BellflowerBellflower1Icon-Gold900Icon-Silver1 hour 20 minutesItem-Treated Silk Treated Silk
Item-Elastic PeapodElastic Peapod1Icon-Gold900Icon-Silver1 hour 20 minutesItem-Elastic Silk Cloth Elastic Silk Cloth
Item-Ironskin GrassIronskin Grass1Icon-Gold900Icon-Silver1 hour 20 minutesItem-Protective Canvas Cloth Protective Canvas Cloth
Item-Dawnlight GrapesDawnlight Grapes150Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-Regen Potion I Regen Potion I
Item-Giant's LollipetalGiant's Lollipetal150Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-ATK Enhancement Potion I ATK Enhancement Potion I
Item-Explosive PeapodExplosive Peapod150Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-CRIT Enhancement Potion I CRIT Enhancement Potion I
Item-Spectral MushroomSpectral Mushroom150Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-Haste Enhancement Potion I Haste Enhancement Potion I
Item-Sacred CabbageSacred Cabbage150Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-Max HP Enhancement Potion I Max HP Enhancement Potion I
Item-Stoneskin GrapesStoneskin Grapes150Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-DEF Enhancement Potion I DEF Enhancement Potion I
Item-Plump MelonPlump Melon150Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-EVA Enhancement Potion I EVA Enhancement Potion I
Item-Dawnlight GrapesDawnlight Grapes450Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-Regen Potion II Regen Potion II
Item-Giant's LollipetalGiant's Lollipetal450Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-ATK Enhancement Potion II ATK Enhancement Potion II
Item-Explosive PeapodExplosive Peapod450Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-CRIT Enhancement Potion II CRIT Enhancement Potion II
Item-Spectral MushroomSpectral Mushroom450Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-Haste Enhancement Potion II Haste Enhancement Potion II
Item-Sacred CabbageSacred Cabbage450Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-Max HP Enhancement Potion II Max HP Enhancement Potion II
Item-Steelskin GrapesSteelskin Grapes450Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-DEF Enhancement Potion II DEF Enhancement Potion II
Item-Lustrous MelonLustrous Melon450Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-EVA Enhancement Potion II EVA Enhancement Potion II
Item-Astral GrapesAstral Grapes1Icon-Gold900Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-Regen Potion III Regen Potion III
Item-Victor's LollipetalVictor's Lollipetal1Icon-Gold900Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-ATK Enhancement Potion III ATK Enhancement Potion III
Item-Volatile PeapodVolatile Peapod1Icon-Gold900Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-CRIT Enhancement Potion III CRIT Enhancement Potion III
Item-Lightning MushroomLightning Mushroom1Icon-Gold900Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-Haste Enhancement Potion III Haste Enhancement Potion III
Item-Miracle CabbageMiracle Cabbage1Icon-Gold900Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-Max HP Enhancement Potion III Max HP Enhancement Potion III
Item-Immortal GrapesImmortal Grapes1Icon-Gold900Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-DEF Enhancement Potion III DEF Enhancement Potion III
Item-Eternal MelonEternal Melon1Icon-Gold900Icon-Silver40 minutesItem-EVA Enhancement Potion III EVA Enhancement Potion III

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