Belle's elegance and stylishness stand out alongside her beautiful voice. Abylar, the Teddy Bear, is the only one who knows how to get under her skin.

Belle is brilliant at umbrella dancing and lethal when attacking with the strong airflow of Abaylar. She is the sweetest nemesia that blossoms in the battle.



Skill Cooldown SP Cost Effect
Icon-Umbrella Umbrella 18.0s 600
  • 354% Elemental Damage
  • CRIT DMG +10% (6 sec.)
  • 386% Elemental Damage
  • CRIT DMG +12% (6 sec.)
  • 419% Elemental Damage
  • CRIT DMG +14% (6 sec.)
  • 452% Elemental Damage
  • CRIT DMG +16%
  • Player's DMG dealt +12% (6 sec.)
Icon-Blossom Dance Blossom Dance 8.0s -
  • 232% Melee Damage
  • Deals DMG equal to 33% ATK to the target every second.



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