FutureContent Do I smell a content update?
This article covers content unreleased in the western servers! Consequently, items on this page have been player-translated. The official naming of each item is up to the discretion of the publisher, and is subject to change in the near future.


All Ultimate skills cost 600 SP to use. Ultimate skill cooldowns are 18.0 seconds while attack skill cooldowns are 8.0 seconds.

IconSkill NameEffect
BelleUlt Flourishing Umbrella 354% Elemental Damage
CRIT DMG +10% (6 sec.)
386% Elemental Damage
CRIT DMG +12% (6 sec.)
419% Elemental Damage
CRIT DMG +14% (6 sec.)
452% Elemental Damage
Damage Dealt +12% (6 sec.)
BelleAtk Flower Dance 232% Melee Damage
Inflict DoT 33% of ATK (4 sec.)



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