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Senshi are NPC companions who can assist adventurers in combat through providing players with bonuses, as well as casting skills themselves. Up to 3 Senshi can be active in the Senshi Formation.


The Senshi window can be opened by pressing the default hotkey N, or clicking the Senshi icon in the lower-right of the screen. Senshi can also be placed in the Terracottage, and this can be done by opening the Terracottage window (default hotkey N) and dragging the Senshi icons to the rooms of your choice.

Obtaining SenshiEdit

10 Senshi Contracts are required to unlock a Senshi. Right-clicking a Senshi Contract will cause it to disappear, and it will add one Star Energy to the Senshi. To view your progress in obtaining a Senshi, look at the Archive section of the Senshi window.

Senshi Method
<Descant> Fina
<Hammerfall> Samuel
<Blademaster> Zaro
<Enchantess> Claire
  • Founder-exclusive; no longer available
<Shieldmaiden> Gaia
  • Spawns at Guild Palace on Mondays at 20:00 and Fridays at 18:00 with chance to drop Senshi Contract(s)
  • Random chance of spawning and dropping Senshi Contracts when Void Summoner Beedris summons guild bosses.
<Sharpshooter> Duo
<Holy Terror> Duet
  • 24th day log-in on the daily log-in reward (2 Senshi Contracts given per character)
<Mademoiselle> Rita
<Moon Maiden> Azusa
  • Previous daily log-in reward; no longer available
<Star Maiden> Sakura
  • Chance of receiving Senshi Contract by purchasing Sakura's Mystery Box from the website mall
<Kawaii Kitsune> Koharu
  • Chance of receiving Senshi Contract by purchasing Koharu's Mystery Box from the website mall
<Chevalier> Aryn
<Wanderland> Alice
<Empress of Snow> Lenna
  • Chance of receiving Senshi Contract by purchasing Lenna's Mystery Box from the website mall
<Frozen Flame> Aflallo
  • Chance of receiving Senshi Contract by purchasing Aflallo's Mystery Box from the website mall

Improving SenshiEdit


All Senshi are at Star Level 1 when they are obtained, and they can be evolved up to Star Level 4. Evolving them will increase their stats, as well as the potency of their skills.

Senshi with a black background will require 10 Star Energy (obtained through 10 Senshi Contracts) for each evolution.

Senshi with a golden background will require 10 Star Energy to initially obtain. Afterwards, to evolve from Star Level 1 to 2, 6 Star Energy is required. For evolution from Star Level 2 to 3 and Star Level 3 to 4, 4 Star Energy is required. Therefore, to evolve this type of Senshi to Star Level 4 only requires 24 Senshi Contracts in total.


In addition to Star Levels, Senshi also have Senshi levels. These Senshi Levels increase the stat bonuses given by the Senshi. Upgrading a Senshi's level requires Senshi EXP, which can be obtaine from Astral Fragments. Astral Fragments come in different sizes giving different amounts of Senshi EXP, and can be obtained by defeating monsters and bosses. Senshi EXP also originates from green-quality products from Fishing and Gathering. These are not the best source of Senshi EXP, however, as each item only gives 5 Senshi EXP.

Senshi BondEdit

Senshi Bond is a value operating like a currency, in which it can be used to "purchase" gift bags from a Senshi NPC, from the Terracottage. These gift bags contain different sizes of Astral Fragments, and have a chance of giving a Senshi Contract. Senshi Bond can be obtained from daily Senshi Quests.

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