The cute Azusa may be Sakura's little sister, but she's long dreamed of stepping out of her shadow. Though seemingly frail in person, her magical ambition and alluring beauty—which seem to personify the most melodic of ancient Chinese verses—make her a real threat.

She effortlessly flaunts her two fans to assault nearby enemies, punishing them with astounding force.

–Game Description


Skill Cooldown SP Cost Effect
Icon-Astral Nightmare Astral Nightmare 18.0s 600
  • 311% Elemental Damage
  • Target's CRIT DMG -8% (6 sec.)
  • 346% Elemental Damage
  • Target's CRIT DMG -9% (6 sec.)
  • 381% Elemental Damage
  • Target's CRIT DMG -10% (6 sec.)
  • 416% Elemental Damage
  • Target's CRIT DMG -11%
  • Target's ATK -10% (6 sec.)
Icon-Winter's Grasp Winter's Grasp 8.0s -
  • 203% Elemental Damage
  • Target's Elemental Res -6% (4 sec.)




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